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Premium Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc


By Legendary Marlborough Wine Maker

Ant Moore

“A Stunning Example Of How Good A Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc Can Be”

– Tika Roberte, IKTWM

“Powerfully Expressed and Instantly Appealing”

– Sam Kim, Wine Orbit

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The story behind the wine

Terroir (pronounced “Teh-Wahh”) is a term coined by French winemakers, that refers to the complete natural environment in which the grapes are grown.

Every detail, from the composition of the soil, altitude, air & water quality, seasonal conditions and topography of the vineyard impart a characteristic onto the wine.

More than that, it’s believed the Terroir imparts unique “energy” and a “vibe” into the wine that simply can’t be replicated or imitated.

Patriarch Vineyard, Marlborough

Over the past two decades, Marlborough has built a reputation as the world leader in Sauvignon Blanc, and Terroir by Ant Moore is an example of how amazing New Zealand wine can be.

Ant takes an old-world approach to winemaking while using modern techniques and equipment to create his own style.
With several vineyards and one of the largest wineries in the Marlborough region, Ant has the unique ability to grow fruit in a variety of micro climates and sub regions (terroirs).

The fruit harvested can then be fermented with a huge range of yeasts and temperature regimes, yielding up to 50 different possible blending options.

This allows Ant to masterfully develop a Sauvignon Blanc that best represents the stunning terroir that has earned Marlborough a reputation above all others when it comes to Sauvignon Blanc.


Terroir by Ant Moore pays tribute to the classic style Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, with notes of fresh-cut grass and mouthwatering acidity with a modern twist, incorporating tropical notes of passion fruit, citrus and melon.

We have captured a snapshot of the stunning terroir that is Marlborough. Ancient volcanic soils, pristine glacial waters and pure environmental conditions.

Now it’s up to you to enjoy Terroir by Ant Moore as it was made to be enjoyed… Paired with delicious food, great conversation and amongst family and friends.

Important Notes

Terroir by Ant Moore is vegan-friendly, and certified as sustainably grown, under Sustainable Wine NZ.

Unlike some “commercial” Sauvignon Blancs, Terroir has no added sugar, acid or finning chemicals.

Ant believes it’s important to keep the winemaking process as honest and natural as possible to respect the art.

Vegan friendly

Gluten Free

No Added Sugar

No Added Acids

No Chemical Fining

Taste Profile

“Full bodied, textural mouthfeel with a touch of fruit sweetness balanced by salivating acidity providing length, focus and clarity to the finish”.

Fresh Herbs


Kiwi Fruit



Lemon Twist

Fresh Herbs




Kiwi Fruit

Lemon Twist

Premium Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

Food Pairing

Terroir has been masterfully blended to pair beautifully with modern Australian cuisines.

Gourmet Pizza

White Fish

BBQ Seafood


Fresh Seafood


Terroir is sustainably farmed, and produced by Ant Moore Wines.

Every effort to minimise the carbon footprint of our production is taken.

Integrated production

Sustainably Farmed


Cherie N.

Absolutely Declicious!

I was introduced to this wine by a friend, and it has become my new ‘”go-to”.
This wine pairs perfectly with anything from seafood to pizza!

Staff Rating:

Tim W.

Loved It.

Typical grassy and herbal undertones of a traditional Savvy, but with a tropical “passionfruity” flavour. The acid is really well balanced. I absolutely loved this savvy.

Staff Rating:

Tika R.

Clean, Crisp and Fresh

A stunning example of how good a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc can be.


Sam Kim.


“Powerfully Expressed and Instantly Appealing”


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About The Wine Maker

As an Aussie, I moved to New Zealand in 2002 and have since undertaken every adventure required to make wine.  I’ve developed a number of bareblocks into vineyards, bought a winery and built it up, created a number of successful wine brands.  With the benefit of hard-earned experience, we now have my signature wine “ant moore”.

I am hands on with every aspect of the production, from managing my vines, harvesting the fruit, to processing the wine.  I’m not afraid to try new and different approaches and to push the boundaries. To me that’s what making wine is all about, constantly learning and enjoying the creative expression that is making wine.

Using a combination of old world techniques and modern winemaking practices, I have crafted a range of wines that I would love to drink myself.  They tend to be characterized by dryness and purity.  They are all about balance and character – values we live by on the vineyard and in our personal lives.

Ant Moore

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